Seyed Pooya Seyedinnoor

Branding and Marketing Strategist | Experience Designer | Interdisciplinary Speaker

I present Ideas; The simplest one in challenging look and vise versa.






I believe in Contradiction and wish to live various worlds.



My originality: Tehran, Iran 
Where I live: Global Earth, Universe 
My Occupations: Human being 
I speak: English, Persian and Spanish


Civil Engineering (Structure and Architecture), M.Sc.
Marketing Management, MBA
General Psychology, M.Sc.







Education won’t help you. Scroll for more.


  • I have been having interesting life story.
  • have been Consultant for Sales and Marketing
  • have provided creative ideas for specific areas of cities and for specific purposes
  • have tried to provide Solutions to make lasting impression on target audience (we still need to wait and see. Hope I could.) 
  • Helped some business owners to create authentic brands hoping that they make changes to the world!


What people have done is not that important in comparison to what they can do.


  • I observe, contemplate, design and present ideas;
  • Interdisciplinary thinking
  • Looking at the world and human beings from different angle
  • Communicating specific things to specific audience for specific purpose
  • Public Speaking
  • Providing Marketing Strategies
  • Business consultancy in Building Construction and Architecture market
  • Designing special event while hosting more special events
  • Sales Training
  • Interpersonal and Intrapersonal relationship coaching
  • I apply Art, Psychology, Sociology and  Engineering in an interdisciplinary approach to go through challenging questions of life
  • Creating Lasting Experience!



What we can do is important but how we think is much more important!


  • Thinker
  • Inceptor
  • Ideator & Presenter
  • Experience Designer
  • Brand Strategist
  • Sales and Marketing Advisor
  • Interdisciplinary Speaker



  • Businesses which like authenticity in addition to money!
  • Those wishing to discover! 
  • Cities and their decision makers
  • Those seeking challenges!
  • Those have the passion to go viral (but still staying authentic)  



And maybe some special human beings (honestly, I don’t know. Even you can help me)
Let’s send an email to figure it out together.


  • To make myself and human being enjoy life
  • What I’m doing; Presenting ideas…




Will update Passion section in case I discovered more.


  • Minds
  • Nature
  • Culture
  • Human beings
  • Urban Spaces
  • Global Earth
  • Life (including death as a part of it)


Unfortunately it costs but I have my own criteria; You might also be charged Zero! However, most of the time you will pay a lot of money which returns you So Much More! 










If you have a little smile in your eyes right now, be sure that you are in the right place.




You are now visiting major brands that I have been cooperating with. By the way, I believe in school of thoughts rather than CVs.



If you still don’t know what do I actually do, see my social medias or simply contact me. I’ll check my phone!

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