Seyed Pooya Seyedinnoor

Interdisciplinary Ideator & Presenter

I present challenging, innovative and interdisciplinary ideas; in my own style, passionately and professionally!


My originality: Tehran, Iran 
Where I live: Global Earth, Universe 
My Occupations: Human being 
I speak: English, Persian and will be speaking Spanish 


Civil Engineering (Structure and Architecture), M.Sc
Marketing Management, MBA
General Psychology, M.Sc


  • I have been having interesting life story!
  • have sold many products and services to many persons/organizations in many ways.
  • have been Consultant for Sales and Marketing affairs
  • have developed several successful (and unsuccessful) “Sales and Marketing Planning”.
  • have taught “Practical Sales and Marketing Courses” and trained ready-to-kick-off employees.
  • have provided Creative Solutions to make lasting impression on target audience
  • I have the Know-How of Sales, Marketing, Branding, etc. in Architecture and Building Industry Market in Iran!
  • I develop Ideas and Present them in my own style, passionately and professionally!


  • Listening and Thinking
  • Public Speaking
  • Creative Thinking and Ideating
  • Sales and Marketing Consultancy
  • Business consultancy in Building Construction and Architecture market
  • Designing special event while hosting very special events
  • Sales Training
  • Interpersonal and Intrapersonal relationship coaching

Note: I don’t give general psychological counselling or treatment unless to very rare people whose issues falls in my area of expertise/interest

  • Looking to the world and human beings from different angle
  • Discovering and Embracing Life
  • And probably influencing some people!

I discover and design the way to present you and your stuff; the way that works! It won’t be bound to existing solutions, indeed I create something for you and only you! Sometimes, I may personally present you.


  • Thinker
  • Inceptor
  • Interdisciplinary Generalist
  • Sales Specialist and Marketing Strategist

Which perhaps means I’m an Ideator & Presenter


  • If you want to increase your sales volume

Note: If you have problem in perfectly selling your products and services, there might be the issue of Marketing! In this case, you might be surprised by the solutions! (just keep an open mind and come to me)

  • If you are obsessed with going viral
  • If you are looking for someone to do a unique presentation! I’m obsessed with designing special scenario and in some case personally presenting it in public. In such case, I do it in my own way, but passionately and professionally
  •  Cities and their decision makers with creative urban ideas!
  • If sometimes you think of yourself and your challenge but did not get results and are doing it for several times, then you are invited to a friendly session or an event where you encounter to what makes you think differently in your next time! Some joy is waiting for you! It needs some prerequisites… (contact me for more info)


  • I think! Differently, in many ways… but deep!
  • I Dream a lot, freely… but equally believe the words Can and Do. So, it means: I Dream and I know I Can Do! The reason is simple; I was born Human being, like the rest of world! 
  • I laugh, very much
  • I like Communications (in any type)
  • I like traveling, Portrait photos, Adventure, Playing Football (but my performance is not good!), Skating and Sea sports, Getting lost in music, Extreme excitements.
  • I’d love to try new things; It can be food, work, sports, play, products, technologies, places or even new look and new way of seeing… That’s why I’m always interested in Human beings!
  • I like contemplating Psychological sides of Movies.
  • I enjoy the Sea…
  • I like when it rains yet get super active when it is sunny (sort of multi-personality 😉). But, I get super creative in odd moments.
  • I got much joy when I see your success, satisfaction and happiness. I got more joy when I make that happens to you.
  • I live to Discover and Embrace life!


  • To make myself and human being enjoy the life as much as possible


  • What I’m doing; Presenting ideas…


  • Minds
  • Nature
  • Culture
  • Human beings
  • Global Earth
  • Philosophy of Life


I have my own criteria… You might also be charged Zero! BUT most of the time you will pay a lot of money which returns you So Much More! Anyway, if you have a little smile in your eyes right now, be sure that you are in the right place.


None! You as human being are always welcome and will   be respected all the time. Be as you are and contact me.


My resume?

You are now visiting major brands that I cooperated with. If you are interested in resumes, CVs, etc. and still have not been satisfied my Linkedin page will help!


Let me know you…